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Safeguard Shredding - On-site document destruction

Safeguard ShreddingSafeguard Shredding provides reliable "No Touch" mobile shredding services for secure disposal of obsolete records and documents. We help companies protect themselves and their clients against information theft, fraud and regulatory liability. Our on-site service locks down security, because confidential materials are never transported, stored or subject to custody by middlemen. Safeguard is a value oriented outsourced solution – we're more economical than in-house methods and more secure than off-site & recycling programs. You require consistently reliable service and secure handling procedures – and Safeguard delivers.

ALERT: Identity theft and fraud crimes are being perpetrated at an alarming rate, with over 27 million Americans impacted over the past five years. Consumers and businesses are losing hundreds of millions of dollars every month. Worse yet, the Washington DC Metropolitan Area experiences the highest rate of fraud complaints in the entire nation.

If you are a corporate Facility, Security or Operations Manager, you are the primary individual responsible for stopping fraud and preventing misuse of company information. Have you taken all reasonable measures to protect sensitive information assets at your place of business? Are your procedures as secure as possible? Are current methods efficient and cost effective? Safeguard provides free security assessments and custom designed proposals to help you meet this growing security threat and determine your level of preparedness.

Use Safeguard Shredding…because you have too much to lose:

Client/Patient Confidentiality
Personal Privacy
Financial Integrity
Corporate Competitiveness
PR Image and Reputation
Intellectual Property
Legal Liability
Regulatory Compliance

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On-site Document Destruction for Maximum Security and Privacy Protection
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