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Residential & Consumer Drop-off

Safeguard Shredding performs bulk shredding for commercial clients, government agencies and non-profit organization, but we provide options for small scale users as well. Many individuals are rightfully concerned about privacy matters and identity theft, so we offer the following service options:
  • $50 fee for multi-visit allowance that can be used or shared over the course of 1 year
  • Complementary service to any individual holding valid military ID
  • Drop materials at our warehouse Monday Friday between 9AM and 5PM
  • All materials are locked into containers & destroyed at the end of each business day
  • Safeguard also performs weekend Community Shred Events? throughout the region

Call 703-224-3000 for drop-off appointment or date & time of upcoming shred events
Click on link for Map and Directions to our facility:
Collection Containers

One significant benefit of using Safeguard Shredding is the free use of collection containers for any client under a nominal Service Agreement. Containers help segregate and secure materials in between regularly scheduled service visits. As a valuable security tool - they keep sensitive information away from individuals without clearance or the need to access, including other co-workers. Collection containers are grouped into two primary categories:

Safeguard ShreddingRolling Bins - Bins are convenient because they are mobile, make porting paper easy and allow users to perform purges and high volume clean outs. Flip open the top and dump-in entire boxes of material, then securely lock away with supplied padlock. The industrial appearance of bins relegates their use to copier rooms and other back office areas. We offer rolling bins in two different sizes – a 64-gallon unit with a paper capacity of up to 250 pounds and a 95-gallon unit with a paper capacity of up to 337 pounds.

Safeguard ShreddingExecutive Consoles- We also offer attractive consoles for secure collection of smaller amounts of material. The small size of consoles allows for convenient hallway placement, while the "file cabinet look" and "computer grey" color keep public areas looking professional. You may place console in high traffic areas to facilitate visibility and use, but rest assured that materials are securely locked away until your next scheduled shredding service. Units are 40" tall by 19" square in dimension and are capable of holding 100 pounds of paper. We can also provide 27" tall units to squeeze under the work surface of modular workstations.

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